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Linux program exits, process remains?

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Posted: 02/18/09 21:55:32 Modified: 02/18/09 21:58:05

After a few recompiles/runs of my project last night (was using eclipse). I noticed that my comp was slowing down and I went into the terminal to see what process was causing it. I noticed about 5 copies of my program running that I had closed. I don't know if this is an issue with D itself, linux or one of the libraries I am using.

When I run from the terminal and then use the mouse to exit the program, the terminal hangs even after exit.

I am on kubuntu (KDE4.2) 8.10.

I am not using eclipse anymore, but I am using Derelict(SDL, GL, GLU) and Tango, that is it. The SDL window closes, but the process remains until I manually kill it. Anyone know how to fix this or anyone else have this issue?

EDIT: Nevermind, found my infinite loop on cleanup...

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Posted: 02/18/09 21:58:37

I think this can happen if you have a running thread by the end of your main.