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Phobos and Tango coexisting

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Posted: 03/17/07 10:35:15

We think it would be great to be able to have both, phobos and tango, as libraries in one project, without any hacks.

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Posted: 03/17/07 11:03:06

volcore wrote:

We think it would be great to be able to have both, phobos and tango, as libraries in one project, without any hacks.

Phobos will never be part of the Tango core, it is a question about giving us support problems with something we as Tango developers ultimately want to get away from. Tango does however have the necessary stuff to have a fully compatible Phobos on top. I believe that version of Phobos is called Tangobos, but I'm not entirely sure how to get it, maybe it's net installable with DSSS.

Posted: 01/03/08 20:34:30

Given how times have changed and compatibility of phobos and tango is now a goal. Where should I be looking for updates on progress? I see no tickets for this.

Posted: 01/03/08 23:19:42

First, full compatibility (that is runtime compatibility) is in the scope of D 2.0, not 1.0.

As for how things will progress, after Tango's toString change I expect that the major part of the changes necessary still, will need to happen in the Phobos end. As for the progress of that, although we are involved through input, is not our responsibility. Note that all of us have limited bandwidth, and so I expect the process to take the time needed.

Posted: 01/04/08 20:49:33

The recent release of Tango includes a link to install Tangobos directly into the Tango directory structure. In effect, this allows you to run phobos-oriented code within Tango. There are some differences in areas such as Threads, but other than that it should operate effectively.

Posted: 01/22/08 06:59:40

I'm rather new here, and may be demonstrating great naïveté, but do you think that if Tango becomes compatible with Phobos that Digital Mars would consider packaging the hypothetical Tango/Phobos system as default for DMD (to which we could assume that GDC would follow suite)?

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Posted: 01/22/08 09:11:30

In theory DigitalMars could do that, but they are yet to actually do anything like that for any library. In addition there is varying opinions and what a standard library should consist of, and anything that is bundled with DM's downloads will be considered "standard".