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FtpClient cannot list dir in IIS?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 01/16/09 04:39:34

I use the FTP service provided by IIS6 and IIS7, but FtpClient? cannot list the content of the FTP Server, why? The code is very simple:

auto ftp = new FTPConnection(host, username, password, port);
auto dirList =;
Stdout("Files: ")(dirList.length).newline;

Output is:

Files: 0

Other FTP Client tools work very well.

Author Message

Posted: 01/16/09 13:11:35

I find the bug in Line 1227, in parseListLine function:

if ( r.test(line) )

should be:

if ( !r.test(line) )

Posted: 01/16/09 15:33:54 -- Modified: 01/21/09 15:36:26 by

Yep, and there is another bug in line 1244 (as of

Instead of:

    info.size = toLong(dir_or_size);

it should be:

else {                
    info.size = toLong(dir_or_size);
    info.type = FtpFileType.file;

The bugs are still present in trunk-r4243, but the line numbers are 1346 and 1363 now.


And in trunk-r4284.

See ticket #1449

Posted: 01/22/09 02:06:25

Look forward to fixing problems as stated on ticket reply. domain: when fixed, will you test it (I don't use windows so it's ftp server is a *mystery* to me)

Lester L. Martin II