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0.99.8 Release date?

Posted: 01/16/09 02:16:03 Modified: 01/17/09 06:02:34

Looks to me like 0.99.8 has accumulated enough changes to justify a release sooner rather than later.

According to the roadmap there are 85 tickets still remaining, but I think most of them could be pushed to 0.99.9 in the name of getting the io overhaul and container improvements and such into people's hands sooner rather than later.

[edit] The change to not have FilePath? throw exceptions when encountering '\' is a big enough change all by itself to warrant a point release, in my opinion. Just ran into a bug with the latest DFL (which supposedly works with 0.99.7) caused by DFL not expecting FilePath? to barf on '\' characters. Now, I'll try to get Chris to fix it, but it's kind of a wasted effort when 0.99.8 should be out soon, and will make it no longer necessary to protect FilePath? from '\'s.

Author Message

Posted: 01/17/09 06:35:36

yes, you're right.

We wanted to get the I/O changes in, and adjusted as necessary, before the next release. Version 1.0 is right around the corner, and we're trying to ensure notable/broad changes have at least some period of deprecation before 1.0 happens (which implies they ought to be enacted now). Anyway ... that's the excuse, and we're sticking to it :)