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Breaking changes 0.99.8, Buffer to Array

Moderators: kris

Posted: 01/07/09 18:32:11

with 0.99.7 I had this:

auto buf = new Buffer( 1000 );
auto writer = new Writer( new PickleProtocol( buf )));

I use writer to stuff in data, and buf.slice to get the data. That worked with 0.99.7.

Now i updated to svn 4237. A pragma says, instead of Buffer, now io.device.Array shall be used. So I changed to

auto buf = new Array( 1000, 0 );
auto writer = new Writer( new PickleProtocol( buf )));

buf does no more receive data. I think this is probably related to NativeProtocol line 37 where a dynamic cast tests agains interface "Buffered".

Please help.

Author Message

Posted: 01/07/09 20:56:05

Probably, Keinfarbton. Time was a bit short over christmas, but yeah ... all that Protocol stuff needs to be updated to use

Posted: 01/08/09 08:13:58

Is there a fix to make it work?