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When will Tango reach 1.0?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 01/05/09 11:59:11

Perhaps not the right forum, but I didn't know where to put it..

Previously my biggest problem was the phobos/tango issue. I had to change runtime to tango as a lot of libraries were tango only. But now, every time I upgrade tango, I also need to fix a lot of stuff both in my own programs and in libraries just to compile correctly (and even more testing and bughunting). I know the api has to stabilize (spelling..?) before marking a 1.0 release, but as of now it's a real pain to upgrade, especially as some libraries uses the latest stable, and others requires trunk...

Any ideas when larger restructuring/changes will end?

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Posted: 01/05/09 15:39:25

The consensus is that the recent I/O adjustment marks the last notable change to the API, and we wanted to get those resolved before 1.0