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Line Endings Should Be Line Endings

Moderators: larsivi

Posted: 12/30/08 02:50:39 Modified: 12/30/08 02:58:39

Something that bothers me about these forums is that the editor is a direct carry-over from the Wiki. There's nothing wrong with that, it's used all over the place in Trac.
Except that in forums, a line ending in the text box should be a line ending in the resulting post. This is true in every forum I've used except this one. It's a huge inconvenience to reach up and hit the line ending button, and it interrupts one's train of thought. I can forgive it in Wiki edits, where paragraphs and line endings need to be differentiated, but in a forum, this really isn't the case. The posts are shorter, and line endings serve just fine for everything.

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