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GDC call for contributors!

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Posted: 12/11/08 14:25:48 Modified: 12/14/08 16:30:28

Over the times since GDC was first released, there has been a fear that it would fall into oblivion as development has been somewhat sporadic. Now GDC looks closer to oblivion than ever, especially as LDC gets closer to a stable release. For Tango this could mean that support for GDC will be difficult to uphold.

If you want to avoid this situation, help with the mantainance and development of GDC. Arthur Loiret, Debian's GDC mantainer, has promised to commit patches, but you must write them!

For now, post your patches to bugzilla reports and/or talk to arthur- in #D / #d.tango. For those wanting to look closer at this, updating the frontend to latest DMD would probably be a good idea.

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