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error compiling svn trunk (linux, dmd 36)

Moderators: kris

Posted: 11/24/08 20:32:25

tango/net/cluster/tina/ClusterThread.d(84): constructor tango.text.convert.Sprint.Sprint!(char).Sprint.this is deprecated Compilation of tango/net/cluster/tina/CacheServer.d failed

Author Message

Posted: 11/24/08 23:08:59

thanks ... now fixed

Posted: 11/25/08 21:41:55

Thanks for fixing.

I've also found that FileScan? always returns files only in given directory, no matter "recursive" (even if it's true by default and even if I also pass "true" to it). On windows FileScan? from tango svn trunk (998) works fine, this problem is on linux only.

Posted: 11/26/08 07:34:52

It seems likely that FileScan will be deprecated, I highly suggest using for file traversing/searching tasks.

Posted: 11/26/08 08:57:24

Larsivi, I saw that FileScan? wasn't changed for a year already and it was working on linux in 0.99.7, the code in scan is simple, it seems that the bug is somewhere in FileConduit?, maybe IsFolder, I'll test it after work.

Posted: 11/26/08 20:23:18

FileScan? is ok, FilePath?.isFolder always return false. (tango svn trunk from yesterday, openSUSE 11 linux, windows version is ok)

Posted: 11/26/08 23:01:40

Digited, can you please create a ticket with a minimal example?

Posted: 11/27/08 06:58:58