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Tangobos not linking correctly

Moderators: kris

Posted: 11/11/08 04:43:40 Modified: 11/11/08 04:44:45

When I create a project in XCode, it will compile just fine for anything that uses just Tango, but it fails at the linking stage, saying it is missing the symbols:


Possibly a few more. These equate to std.intrinsic and std.c.unix.unix respectivly. I do not understand how to fix the problem. Would compiling tango and tangobos myself help?

Mac OS 10.5.5 PPC DSSS + GDC 0.25

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Posted: 11/11/08 08:37:13

There is a fair chance that you have a system configuration that haven't been tested.

If nothing else, compiling yourself may give additional hints to what is wrong.

Posted: 11/19/08 23:10:13

I can't figure out how to compile tangobos. Compiling Tango is easy, but tangobos isn't properly configured for OS X. The problem is compiling crc32.d. The linker complains that there are no object files to link. I am using DSSS.

Mac OS 10.5.5 PPC DSSS + GDC 0.25

Posted: 11/22/08 15:36:54

It seems that the problem is with rebuild. When compiling crc32 it is given crc32.d at the command line, but it isn't compiling it. Instead it seems to skip it and complain that there were no object files specified. If I compile crc32.d manually and add the object file to the rebuild command dsss prints out, rebuild doesn't complain and builds the library as it should.

Building the std part has the same problem. Many *.d files are specified on the command line, but it complains that dsss_objs/*/_crc32.o is missing. If i move crc32.o there, it compiles without a complaint, but the only symbols included are the ones in the .o file. I don't understand how to fix this problem, so I would be grateful if someone could help me out.

Mac OS 10.5.5 PPC DSSS + GDC 0.25