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Installing Dwin on Tango

Posted: 10/29/08 10:14:10


I am new to D and Tango. For these two days, I tried to install Tango in my laptop. I did the easiest way: unzipped tango-dmd provided in the Tango website. After that I want to add some libraries. Dsss installed succesfully and works well with Tango. DWT was successfully installed and I could complied all the examples well. But then when I tried to install then use Dwin, I failed many times. Arrangement inside my machine: C:\dmd

  • \tango
  • \ dsss
  • \ dmc

I did not understand why Dwin failed because I followed exactly mentioning in the readme.txt of Dwin. The error:

Error 42: Symbol Undefined _RegQueryValueExW@24
Error 42: Symbol Undefined _RegCloseKey@4
(several similar error messages) 

According to yidabu (moderator of Dwin forum): "It's may be a DMD configuration issue, check the dmd/bin/sc.ini settings." But I did understand what he/she meant as 'DMD Configuration issue'

Any feedbacks to solve this issue?



Author Message

Posted: 10/29/08 10:41:41

Does the Tango examples work for you? If that is the case, then sc.ini should be correct and I doubt that it is a Tango issue.

Those errors seems to be related to a missing library when linking your application, maybe the Windows lib containing the registry stuff? The Dwin guys are probably the ones best suited to answer your questions though ...