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TempFile security

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Posted: 10/07/08 09:14:42

The TempFile? docs say:

Important: It is recommended that you do not use files created by this class to store sensitive information. There are several known issues with the current implementation that could allow an attacker to access the contents of these temporary files. Is this for the Windows implementation or for all? If it applies for Windows could you give me some more details, because this is exactly what I need to store in a temp file - a large quantity of sensitive information :) If it is fixable and you give me some guidelines what needs to be done I would like to offer my help.

Thanks, bobef

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Posted: 12/12/08 11:20:19


Posted: 12/12/08 11:30:32

Sorry for the slow response - TempFile was written by Daniel Keep who has disappeared off the radar, and he would be the best one suited to answer your question.

So I guess I can't help you with much more than suggest that you look up the relevant information yourself.