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Tracforums Upgraded

Moderators: larsivi

Posted: 03/13/07 14:47:19

I have no doubt that you all have noticed a few changes here and there in the forums section of the project. Thanks to Brad and Lars, I was able to iron out a handful of blockers that kept the latest upgrade just out of reach.

Overall, we're very close to having blog-style news support and embedded doc comments in the wiki. I'm just waiting on the upgrade to Tracforums rev 56 so that the needed templates get added. What this means (for you admins) is that comments and blog support are going to be provided here in the forums, with the option to push that content out to any wiki page simply by using a macro. Switch those forum sections to "hidden" and presto: instant rich content.

More on how to use those macros later.

Moving forward, you'll no doubt have concerns and qualms about how such data formats into the page. I'm not 100% happy with it myself, so I'm open to suggestions. Right now, the result is very derivative of what we all see here in the forums. I'm hoping to provide something that is a little less clunky looking later on.

-- EricAnderton? at yahoo

Author Message

Posted: 03/13/07 16:36:49

One more thing: The TracForums? project is available here:

Please feel free to abuse the ticket system there (or here in Tango) for any bugs or enhancement requests that crop up.

-- EricAnderton? at yahoo