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Obj syncing like Java

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 09/06/08 10:35:09

I want to use a class to synchronize on it and call wait() notifyAll() in exactly the same way as in Java? Is it possiblle to make the class provide this behaviour?

An internal Mutex/Condition pair can be used to get the wait()/notifyAll() methods.

But how can it be made, that synchronizing on the object locks in fact the mutex? Can i set the mutex as the Monitor of class A?

// original
class A : B {

// use of A should not need changes
A a = ...;

// impl for notifyAll, but how make synchronize lock the mutex?
class A : B {
  Mutex m; Condition c;
    m = new Mutex;
    c = new Condition(m);
  void notifyAll(){

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