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How about removing conduit getter from IOStream interface?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 08/31/08 12:17:17 Modified: 09/02/08 16:23:09

First, I don't like that InputStream? subclasses from IOStream. I think it should get renamed. Stream is of my personal preference. An InputStream? *is* a stream after all!

interface InputStream : Stream // looks *much* better to me

Second, is there any reason behind having a conduit getter in a (IO)Stream interface? Eof and close() are clearly belong to it. But conduit?? I think it should be as follows:

interface Stream 
        enum : uint 
                Eof = uint.max /// the End-of-Flow identifer

        void close ();               

Let me explain why I ask for it. Suppose I opened a file with both read and write access. And I want to pass an instance of it to some user function. However, I want to ensure that he won't write to the file. That's why I pass a InputStream? pointer to it:

void someUserFunc(InputStream inputStream);

FileConduit fileConduit = ...;
someUserFunc(fileConduit.input()); // Yes, I know it is implicitly castable

But what if user does this:

void someUserFunc(InputStream inputStream)
    IOStream stream = inputStream;
    IConduit conduit = inputStream.conduit();
    OutputStream outputStream = conduit.output(); // A-ha!

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