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Posted: 08/21/08 12:01:45


Could you please advice me on the creation of a d.api file for scite (DScite, notepad++) based on the trunk/doc section information ?

The API file index seems to be generated by mix of CandyDoc? and Dcode.

I'm looking to find a structure like this for notepad++ :

<KeyWord? name="tango" /> <KeyWord? name="" /> <KeyWord? name="" /> <KeyWord? name="" func="yes">

<Overload retVal="void[] *" > <Param name="void[] dst = null" /> </Overload>


Regards, Laurent

Author Message

Posted: 09/14/08 08:20:30

There is a few unfinished d ides around. A lot of them are based on scite including entice so you should just download that to have a look at.