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Speakers for the Tango Conference

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Posted: 08/18/08 20:47:32

A preliminary list of most of the entries in the program at the Tango Conference 2008 in Torun, Poland, is now ready. Titles for most of the talks are not ready yet though, and so the below should not be considered a definite guide. More posts on the program are also due to be confirmed later, along with the final time table.

  • Tomasz Stachowiak - DDL
  • Frank Benoit - DWT Features
  • Mikola Lysenko - Get some Fibers in your diet
  • Rick Richardson
  • Tomas Lindquist / Christian Kamm - LLVMDC
  • Jarrett Billingsley - MiniD
  • Dr RafaƂ Bocian - On teaching D
  • Kris Bell - Lightweight Coding
  • Team0xf - Game development panel
  • Compiler/runtime workshop
  • Keynote

If you are looking to travel to Torun, information to help you with this can now be found on the pages:

For further information on the conference, look to

Conference pages

and to register go to

the registration page.

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