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TangoQuiz / DQuiz

Moderators: kris

Posted: 07/21/08 08:18:28

There are many sites like that gives a list of (useful or useless) problems to solve, and some solutions. I guess it would be nice to have an equivalent for D/Tango, to get some users started.

Two more remarks: there's a nice project called, maybe we could do something similar for D/Tango

Many times, exposing a very simple API (or writing good documentation) is a good way to get users started to use a library, and I find it sometime difficult to really know what "the tango way " of doing something is, maybe we should either write complete doc with many small examples, or expose a very simple API in the vein of "simple things should be done simply" or, more precisely should be doable simply.

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Posted: 07/21/08 17:25:46

Yeah, that's a great idea! Are you volunteering ?