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What is FinalizeException?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 06/03/08 13:00:11

I suddenly get an exception when running fetchAll with dbi

Error: Finalization error (tango.core.Exception.FinalizeException)
 0057e6b2 onFinalizeError (+22)
 00586cd3 uint gcx.Gcx.fullcollect(void*, void*) (+413)
 005f0055 Z tango.text.UnicodeData.FoldingCaseData.__init (+482d9)
 c85de801 ???

I have no idea what this is or why it is fired...

I'm also getting some strange Access Vialotions on memcmp when using Row.getFieldIndex sometimes at what seems completely random...

This is using dmd 1.030 and tango rev. 3542.

It's not long since I upgraded dmd from 1.028. Could this be the problem? (I've rebuilt everything)

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Posted: 06/03/08 20:02:45

I know there has been an issue related to DDBI and finalizers/destructors in the past, it is possible that some DB memory is getting in to the GC or similar. Do you have a minimal example for this? And which version/revision of DDBI? In any case - I think it is a DDBI issue, so please place your response there.

Posted: 06/11/08 00:22:11

The error is fired when an exception is thrown from a destructor. It's as close as I could come to making such behavior illegal.