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Easy intro to contributions

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Posted: 05/30/08 20:06:39

Tango has grown and usage has climbed high. Fortunately this means that bugs are discovered, features requested and implementations contested. Less fortunate is that the number of tickets resulting from this seems to be higher than what we usual suspects are capable of resolving in due time. Tango is open source after all.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved though. All open tickets had their innards inspected, and many were found to have too little information to act on (their owner may be at fault for that btw, but they may want your help), and these have been marked with the keyword 'triage'. Please look them over - if it is less than obvious exactly what is needed, ask either in the ticket, in #d.tango at Freenode or in the forum.

If you'd like more information on contributing to Tango, check this page for that.

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