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Compiling with dmd1.007 fails

Moderators: kris

Posted: 03/05/07 20:08:06

Mostly because the compiler became pretty nit picking regarding types, like

core\Thread.d(99): function tango.sys.win32.UserGdi.TlsSetValue (uint,void*)
does not match parameter types (uint,Thread)

Nothing that cannot be cured with a couple of cast(). Where can I send patches, in which format (diff -u ?)?

Which D compiler versions are meant to be supported anyway?

Author Message

Posted: 03/07/07 00:45:50

This is already fixed in the Tango trunk.

Posted: 03/07/07 04:52:23

Ah OK. I am just learning svn and figured how to co HEAD. Sorry for the noise Ciao Tom