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math.IEEE.feqrel and float

Moderators: kris

Posted: 05/25/08 12:44:53 Modified: 05/25/08 12:47:25

It seems that feqrel only supports mantissa sizes of 106, 113, 64 and 53. At one stage it must have supported floats (mantissa==24) because of the assert:

static assert(is(X==real) || is(X==double) || is(X==float), "Only float, double, and real are supported by feqrel");

Yet forcing feqrel to accept a float triggers another assert:

assert(0, "Unsupported: " ~ std.string.toString(X.mant_dig));

which prints "Unsupported: 24"

What was the reason for removing native float support? Can this be added in easily? If not, then the first assert should be updated.

Thanks in advance


Author Message

Posted: 05/25/08 13:57:14

Hi microbox,

could you please create a ticket on this topic? I agree that it sounds like float should be supported here.