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suggestion: tango.math.vector/matrix

Moderators: kris

Posted: 05/10/08 14:35:39

Today I looked at some of my projects code and wondered if it could be useful included in tango. I'm using it for OpenGL graphics (for colors as well as for vertices) but I think it might me useful for other things too. Following an overview of the functionality (incomplete, but you see what the idea is):

struct Vector3(T)	// 2D/4D alike...
	T x,y,z;
	// component wise and scalar arithmetic like
	Vector3 opAdd/Sub/Mul/Div[Assign] (in Vector3);
	Vector3 opMul/Div[Assign] (in T);

	// useful stuff
	T length();
	void Normalize();	// rescales to length=1

Vector3!(T) Normalize(T)(in Vector3!(T) v);	// rescales without modifying original vector

// cross product
Vector3!(T) cross(T)(in Vector3!(T) a, in Vector3!(T) b);

// dot product
T dot(T)(in Vector2!(T) a, in Vector2!(T) b);
struct Matrix4(T)	// 3D alike
	Vector4!(T) V0, V1, V2, V3;
	// scalar mul/div
	Matrix4 opMul/Div (in T s);
	// real matrix multiplication
	Vector4!(T) opMul (in Vector4!(T) v);
	Vector4!(T) opMul (in Matrix4!(T) m);

	// pseudo constructors for rotation/translation/scale matrix
	static Matrix4 Rotation (Vector3!(T) axis, T angle);
	static Matrix4 Translation(T x, T y, T z);
	static Matrix4 Scale(T x, T y, T z);
	// useful stuff
	Matrix4 Transpose();
	Matrix4 Inverse();

So... as I said, the code is done. Only a little cleanup and upload is needed. But of course I don't know if Tango wants to have that stuff... ideas, comments?

Author Message

Posted: 05/10/08 17:58:48

It would be a nice thing to have, but discussions earlier seems to say that it may be hard to create standard vector classes - and so I will, at least for now, suggest that you submit them elsewhere, perhaps Tango.Scrapple.