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Problem installing tango with dsss

Posted: 04/26/08 10:37:59 Modified: 04/26/08 10:41:20

Hello :)

When i try to install tango using dsss, i get this error...

gael@Kubuntu:~$ dsss net install tango --force --scratchdir=/home/gael/d/tmp/
Default prefix /usr is unwritable, using /home/gael/d instead.
+ curl -s -S -k -o /home/gael/d/share/dsss/sources/source.list -z /home/gael/d/share/dsss/sources/source.list
+ curl -s -S -k -o /home/gael/d/share/dsss/sources/pkgs.list -z /home/gael/d/share/dsss/sources/pkgs.list
+ curl -s -S -k -o /home/gael/d/share/dsss/sources/mirrors.list -z /home/gael/d/share/dsss/sources/mirrors.list

Working in /tmp/DSSS_tango
+ svn export
svn: Le répertoire de destination existe ; Enlever le répertoire ou utiliser --force pour l'écraser
svn: 'tango' existe déjà
+ curl -k -o tango.tar.gz
Warning: Failed to create the file tango.tar.gz
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
  0 2244k    0  1192    0     0   7292      0  0:05:15 --:--:--  0:05:15  7292
curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 1192)
Command curl returned with code 5888, aborting.
Error: /tmp/DSSS_tango/tango/dsss_objs: Permission denied

I don't want to use sudo to install with dsss... so, how can i fix this problem ? :/

Tanks in advance :)

Author Message

Posted: 04/26/08 13:49:51

Hi Insomniak,

I think this question needs to be answered in the DSSS forums.

Posted: 04/26/08 15:49:01 -- Modified: 04/26/08 15:49:36 by

The problem is now fixed... i don't know how, but it is fixed.

But i'm having a problem during the build :

tango/math => DD-tango-math
+ /usr/bin/rebuild -Idsss_imports/ -I. -S./ -I/home/gael/d/include/d -S/home/gael/d/lib/  -I/usr/include/d -S/usr/lib -I/home/gael/d/include/d -S/home/gael/d/lib  -oqdsss_objs/D  -explicit -lib tango/math/Math.d tango/math/Elliptic.d tango/math/IEEE.d tango/math/Bessel.d tango/math/Random.d tango/math/GammaFunction.d tango/math/Probability.d tango/math/ErrorFunction.d -oflibDD-tango-math.a
tango/math/IEEE.d(515): undefined identifier 'st'
Command /usr/bin/rebuild returned with code 256, aborting.
Error: Command failed, aborting.
Command /usr/bin/dsss returned with code 256, aborting.
Error: Command failed, aborting

Do you think dsss is having a corrupted tango version ?

Posted: 04/26/08 15:51:31

tango 0.99.5 does compile with dmd 1.027, not with dmd 1.028.