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FilePath.fileSize() returns blocksize?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 04/04/08 19:20:10

I tried the FileScan? example which worked fine. Then I added a fileSize output to it and saw that it always returned 4096. That seems to be the blocksize (kinde useless) and not the filesize. My guess is that the stat struct is erronous.

System: linux amd64, tango 0.99.5

Author Message

Posted: 04/05/08 17:59:29

Please create a ticket for this one. I suspect it should be assigned to the 64-bit maintainer, but please assign to sean in the interim :)

Posted: 04/05/08 18:17:53

This should be the same as #720 - told icy of it earlier in irc.