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Tango+GDC .deb packages issue

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Posted: 04/04/08 12:03:59


I installed the packages from which were mentioned in the news a few days ago. Running ubuntu 7.10 amd64, everything installed fine but when I run "dsss-gdc-tango", I get the following error message:

Package "gdc" is not installed and is required! Aborting...

gdc is installed in version 4.1. So if anyone has a clue how this can be resolved, I would appreciate it.

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Posted: 04/04/08 12:36:33 -- Modified: 04/04/08 13:12:39 by
valeriupalos -- Modified 6 Times

Can you tell me what the output to the following command is (on your system)?

dpkg -l | grep " gdc "

This is quite curious...

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Posted: 04/04/08 12:42:17


$ dpkg -l | grep gdc
ii  gdc-4.1                                    0.25-4.1.2-16ubuntu1              The D compiler
ii  tango-gdc                                  0.99.5-4                          The Tango library for the D Programming Lang

Posted: 04/04/08 13:06:37 -- Modified: 04/04/08 18:41:05 by
valeriupalos -- Modified 3 Times

Yap there's the problem! Ubuntu provides the virtual package called simply "gdc" which in turn ensures that you have the needed gdc-x.x installed as well. The dsss-xxx scripts check for the presence of exactly this package (for portability). You should install the gdc package and everything should work fine then.

sudo apt-get install gdc

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Posted: 04/04/08 13:14:35

Ok but there's one problem:

sudo aptitude install gdc:

Note: selecting "gdc-4.1" instead of the
      virtual package "gdc"
The following NEW packages will be installed:

If that is a different behaviour than with apt-get, please adjust the scripts, otherwise it will not work with gdc installed via synaptic.

Posted: 04/04/08 13:46:20

Ok try this new release here. Let me know if it works...

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Posted: 04/04/08 14:13:00

Seems to work flawlessly now. Thanks for the hard work valeriu!

Posted: 04/04/08 14:25:05

No pb; thanks for the feedback! :)

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