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Database Table

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 03/18/08 20:00:10

Still new to D and Tango... For an assignment I decided to use D and tango... We basically making a watered down SQLite.. very basic.. I've already written a recursive decent parser to read in commands but now I'm trying to develop the actual database tables in memory. After reading through the book 'Learn to Tango with D' I've been thinking of using associative arrays for this but I've also noticed that tango has hash maps and tuples... but theres little to no information on there usage.. I'm curious on what you think is a better way to approach the design of a database table.. The table can only have two data types, fixed length strings and ints. Very small table sizes, 100 or less items... tables need to be created dynamically from user input...

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