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Current release

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Posted: 03/02/08 11:13:20

The tango.text.Regex at isn't the one bundled in Tango 0.99.4 but Jascha Wetzel's. Which is excellent actually, but I found misleading that the "current release docs" wasn't synchronized with the current release I can download :S. But then I realized that in the download section, "" is labeled "current release" and the repository snapshot file is "". So that's why. I'm a bit confused about what a current release is though. Or I need some coffee... :)

Beginner in D.

Author Message

Posted: 03/04/08 01:03:36

Here is a link to the current release binaries for Win32:

I've been told that they are a bit broken however, and I plan to re-package them in a few hours.