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Preliminary XML parser and derivatives

Posted: 02/17/08 06:40:28 Modified: 02/18/08 02:57:48

Just checked-in some code to tango.text.xml, including a pull-parser and a DOM wrapper around it.

The package is based upon code written for the Sendero project, because the design was simple and it had real potential for a fast, low-impact variation. This certainly turned out to be the case. The Sendero folks are working on XPath support, and we'll stay in sync going forward. There's also a SAX wrapper due in the next few days.

Major kudos to Aaron for donating his time and skills on this, and thanks to all who posted with their knowledge on this subject. Please take a look at the package and let us know what you think

Author Message

Posted: 02/19/08 04:43:08

Just out of curiosity, has there been any attempt to run the parser against this test suite?

Posted: 02/19/08 06:38:20

Not yet, but we will soon. Thanks for the link!