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FTP broken in r3176

Moderators: kris

Posted: 02/13/08 18:01:19

When I try to 'put' something on the server it says "Unable to resolve '...':"

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Posted: 02/13/08 19:21:51

ach ... do you have a small example, perhaps?

Posted: 02/14/08 07:52:47


void main()
	auto ftp=new FTPConnection;
	auto g=new GrowBuffer;
	ftp.put("__test__",g); //same thing if uploading file from disk

Posted: 02/26/08 11:39:49

In r3290 this still stands. I have posted a ticket. I can't use DWT without this fix, because it doesn't work with 0.99.4 :(

Posted: 02/26/08 17:54:39

DWT should work with tango revision 3145 or higher.

Posted: 02/26/08 17:57:41

bobef wrote:

In r3290 this still stands. I have posted a ticket.

We haven't managed to get around to this one yet - sorry. I see you're connecting to localhost? So I guess you have a local FTP server running? I'd need some way to replicate the issue, so perhaps you have an FTP server I can point to?

Posted: 02/26/08 19:45:53

I am using FileZilla? server, but I have tested on another two (remote) servers and it is always the same, so I believe it will be easy to replicate. If you can't though, I will provide you with account on one of these servers.

Posted: 02/27/08 07:00:40

Just saw your NG post, bobef. Are you saying it works with an older version of Tango, but not the trunk?

Posted: 02/27/08 07:19:31

Yes, it works with 0.99.4 (few revisions after it to be more exact, because 0.99.4 itself won't compile), but not with the trunk. Exactly the same code, exactly the same server.