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Cannot build tango

Moderators: kris

Posted: 02/13/08 12:18:31

I get some compiler errors in the ziparchive:

tango\io\archive\Zip.d(1425): variable interface InputStream cannot be scope
tango\io\vfs\ZipArchive.d(168): variable interface InputStream cannot be scope
tango\io\vfs\ZipArchive.d(663): variable interface VfsFolderEntry cannot be scope
tango\io\vfs\ZipArchive.d(664): variable interface VfsFolder cannot be scope
tango\io\vfs\ZipArchive.d(1473): function[]) does not match parameter types (int delegate(VfsFilterInfo * info))
tango\io\vfs\ZipArchive.d(1474): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (__dgliteral1) of type int delegate(VfsFilterInfo * info) to bool delegate(VfsFilterInfo *)
Author Message

Posted: 02/13/08 12:40:47

This is a bug in DMD 1.026 - please use 1.025 with Tango.

See also #811. It is slated for a fix in DMD 1.027.

Posted: 02/13/08 12:51:18

Da så

Posted: 02/13/08 13:11:04

Hehe, forstår eg er treig. Kopla ikkje kallenamn til fullt namn :)