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Tango mailing list?

Posted: 02/05/08 20:17:26

I have discussed this on the IRC channel, without much success.

I strongly feel that Tango needs a mailing list, because forums are too clumsy (I just realized that they aren't even threaded :S). Because some people like forums, I'm proposing to create a Google Group, that is a mailing list that can be used in a forum-fashion way too.

If is there any interest in doing this, I can set-up the google group if you want.

Leandro Lucarella (luca)

Author Message

Posted: 02/06/08 20:08:42

My opinion is that a mailinglis may have little effect at this point, it would just mean that there would be another channel to look for information. This in addition to the lack of integration with trac search.

Mandel; indeed - this will however be hard to fix until the forum software is upgraded.

Posted: 03/09/08 13:45:50 -- Modified: 03/09/08 13:48:12 by

I must say I agree with previous posters, mailing list or newsgroup would be really cool, just take a look how many posts there are on digitalmars newsgroups. I think mailinglist/newsgroup would have possitive effect on tango's development. Maybe there would be way to integrate google-groups with trac?

Posted: 03/09/08 17:20:10

It would be nice with an nntp interface to the forums here, but I expect that to be quite some work (no threading here for instance), and the nntp client would most likely not be able to format the wiki markup properly potentially making for some ugly formatting.

The last problem would apply to all external sources, btw - whether google groups or something else. The user can't expect it to format trac wiki markup properly, and then the integration may lose some of the point.