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Stacktrace in tango

Moderators: kris

Posted: 01/23/08 11:14:59

I found having Stacktraces a really valueable and important feature. A debugger - like zero - can help a lot, but stacktraces are much easier.

Now when writing a lib based on tango and using stacktraces, i need to fiddle around with versions and add additionally deps to the lib like jive. This is bad, users don't want to download another lib only to have little feature like stacktraces.

This is why I think it really should be integrated into tango.

On IRC it was said, neither jive nor h3's stacktrace are portable. But why is that important?

The stacktrace does not have any API to the user. It simply makes the TracedException? working. And it throws on segmentation fault. So if it is not portable use another implementation per plattform and if not available have none. This implementation can be changed at every time, the user does not depend on the implementation. But having it integrated in tango is worth a lot.

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Posted: 01/24/08 15:32:52

What about this: It's windows only, but someone maybe able to port it to other platforms.

Posted: 02/17/08 06:52:28

The stacktrace support is now enabled for all exception derivatives. We'll also ship a pre-configured stacktrace engine with the Win32 and the linux packages.