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Learn to Tango with D

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Posted: 01/07/08 21:38:08

We are happy to announce that Learn to Tango with D, the book by Kris Bell, Lars Ivar Igesund, Sean Kelly and Michael Parker, is available as an eBook at [1]. The printed version will be available from select book stores in about 3 weeks, and is already available for pre-order at [2].

Learn to Tango with D introduces you to D, with special attention given to the Tango software library. A concise yet thorough overview of the language syntax and features is presented, followed by an introduction to Tango.

The Table of Contents can be found here [3].

The foreword is written by Walter Bright, and Don Clugston acted as technical reviewer.

All proceeds from the book will be channeled into the Tango project, to the benefit of both Tango and the D community.



[3]: Learn to Tango with D

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