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Linux install

Moderators: kris

Posted: 02/19/07 04:14:50


I followed the Linux Tango-DMD install instructions w/ the following commands as root, from my home user directory /home/zzzzrrr/Desktop:

./ /usr/local --download-all

Here are the last few lines of the error that keeps popping up:

find . -name "libtango*.a" | xargs rm -f make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/zzzzrrr/Desktop/tango/trunk/lib/common/tango' ...changing directory: ../ ...making a backup of the original phobos library Library has not been built, yet the build script itself did not throw an error. Please report this to a developer. ./ line 58: exit: Library: numeric argument required

The script file actually copies files to /home/zzzzrrr/Desktop/usr/local instead of /usr/local, minus the libphobos.a file in the appropriate /lib directory.

What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mason

Author Message

Posted: 02/20/07 03:17:48

ok, I spent a few hours on this and finally fixed my problem....

Posted: 02/24/07 00:25:22

I'm having the exact same problem. Could you please tell me what you did to fix your installation issue?

Posted: 02/24/07 01:21:32

gcadien wrote:

I'm having the exact same problem. Could you please tell me what you did to fix your installation issue?


In order to successfully make "./ --download-all" work, I had to already have DMD installed on my system, as per the Digital Mars install instructions. For some reason I thought this script would download and install everything from scratch...

That being said, I could never get the scrip to install to the designated PREFIX location, even with root permission. I had to manually copy everything to my desired location.

For example:

If I ran "./ /usr/local --download-all" from /home/zzzzrrr/Desktop, it would copy Tango and DMD to /home/zzzzrrr/Desktop/usr/local instead of /usr/local.

Considering that Tango is still in Beta, I think there are a number of bugs that need to be fixed before I decide to replace Phobos. At least I know that Phobos will work with just about everything I want to do, considering that I am very new to D. After spending many hours trying to successfully install Tango, and also make it work with Derelict and DSSS, I am very frustrated. This is probably due to my inexperience, but for right now I'm going to keep it simple and focus on the fundamentals of learning D. I think Tango has a LOT of potential, but I may wait until it leaves the Beta stage before exploring it again...