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API Index problems/suggestions

Posted: 01/05/08 12:58:23

The Complete API Index is not, um, "complete". For example, the only module indexed under tango.sys.win32 is CodePage (Macros, Process, Types, and UserGdi are all missing). I ran into a few other sub-packages with missing modules in the index, but I can't recall now which ones.

As a suggestion for that page, I would prefer to see the modules listed more as a tree than a single list. I think it would be much easier to comprehend the structure of the library and to find a module you're looking for. Something like:


Also, many (most?) "see also" links in the documentation don't link to anything when it's fairly obvious that they should. For example, the tango.util.collection.HashSet page has lots of "see also"s which refer to other tango.util.collection modules, but none of them actually link to the module they refer.

If I should create a ticket for any of these things, just let me know.

Author Message

Posted: 01/05/08 13:36:15

Hi obijohn!

We are generally aware of the disabilities of the API docs. I was not aware that there are modules missing, but I have a feeling what is happening there and is probably a Windows vs Linux (where the docs are generated) issue. Please file a ticket.

For the layout of the index page, we agree and have even contemplated getting some static per package info in there. Please file a ticket and maybe someone will get to it :)

As for the See also stuff, that is more of a problem with the DDoc implementation, in this case DMD. I don't have high hopes for many improvements to that tool, so other D compilers (dil) or tools like rebuild (which can also do the doc generation, but using the same code as DMD for now) which are more likely to get patched if someone chips in with their time.