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GJK Algorithm

Posted: 01/03/08 00:29:33

For those individuals interested in Computational Geometry, I've released a demo implementing the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) algorithm for the collision detection of convex objects, utilizing Tango and Derelict. GJK is obviously applicable to game development and rigid body dynamics, and the demo is intended to graphically represent the algorithm. Polygon separation distance and contact normals may be easily derived from GJK.

Here's the project link:

Comments, questions, and complaints are appreciated.

Thanks, Mason

Author Message

Posted: 01/14/08 17:20:57


I've started another project based on gjkD, and I'm interested in soliciting various thoughts on project hosting. Right now I have my new project setup at Google Code (, although I'm wondering if it would be a better to setup the project up at or SourceForge?. One thing I already dislike about Google Code is that I'm not able to select the zlib license, and the SVN browsing is not as nice as others I've seen. I would also like to make my project available via DSSS.

Any thoughts?