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GDC/Tango(0.99.4)/DSSS Bundle

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Posted: 12/29/07 19:10:41

Hello Tango Team!

I'm running Ubuntu-64 7.10, and just installed the GDC/Tango/DSSS bundle. However, whenever I try to compile I get a strange assembler error message:

/tmp/cc7bTySF.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:13: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `push'
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:15: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `push'
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:19: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `push'
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:36: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `pop'
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:37: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `pop'
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:75: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `push'
/tmp/cc7bTySF.s:82: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `pop'
Command /home/mason/gdc/bin/rebuild returned with code 256, aborting.

As it stands, I have a working copy of DSSS/Tango(0.99.4)/DMD on my Windows notebook, but I would like to continue development in Linux. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Mason

Author Message

Posted: 01/23/08 01:38:22

Hello, I'm still attempting to get Tango working on my Linux machine..... I just downloaded the latest snapshot of Tango for linux, and installed Derelict through DSSS. Whenever I try to compile I get the following message:

/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file 
`/home/mason/dsss/lib//libtango-base-dmd.a(critical.o)' is incompatible with i386 output

I'm running Linux Ubuntu-64. Does anyone have any insight as to why this is happening to me?!

Thanks, Mason

Posted: 01/23/08 09:34:58

We do not at the current point have any ready bundles for 64 bit arches, the bundle I assume you have downloaded is for 32 bit linux. Although this may work in some compatibility mode, it is more likely that it does not.

This means that you for now will have to build Tango yourself (or use DSSS), but in any case you will have to install both GDC and (if you want to use it) DSSS prior to building Tango. GDC should be available via apt-get on Ubuntu 7.10 (you even get a newer than 0.24 version). DSSS I think you will have to build yourself.

When you have DSSS installed, you can try dsss net install tango , but then again this may not work properly at all times and not we have very much control over.

The alternative to DSSS at this point is to just follow the instructions on the UnixInstallGdc page (you can still use DSSS locally to install the public API and libraries, but not the runtime).

Posted: 01/23/08 11:16:54

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

I've tried installing Tango and DSSS with both GDC and DMD almost every way possible. My only option left is to compile both DSSS and Tango from source. I've actually managed to make Tango compile with DMD, but not with in conjunction with DSSS. If I can't get things to work this go around, I may have to remove Ubuntu-64 from my machine and live with the 32-bit version until the D community evolves a little more...

Thanks, Mason

Posted: 01/23/08 11:27:22

Please post the problems you have such that we may get around to fixing them (if they are in Tango), or report it to the correct place if it is compiler or DSSS problems.

Posted: 01/24/08 15:27:41

If you use Ubuntu-64 you have to use GDC and not DMD because DMD is 32bit only. You first have do download and install GDC, then download, compile and install dsss form source. Then downloading Tango (I recommend against using dsss net insall tango) and build it with the available build scripts or dsss(don't remember what worked for me) and then install it with dsss.

Posted: 02/15/08 03:46:31

I had the same problem and found that it was fixed in revision 3078. See Ticket 845: