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Tango does Le Phobo

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Posted: 12/26/07 11:28:27 Modified: 12/26/07 11:30:27

Tango now happily runs ~95% of unchanged (D1) Phobos code, via the Tangobos plugin. We made some adjustments in the 0.99.4 release in order to make this more convenient; the most significant being the adoption of toString(). Major kudos to Gregor Richards for creating and maintaining Tangobos!

Installation: Tangobos is nicely bundled for Win32 so that it installs cleanly over an existing bundled Tango installation. Specifically, Phobos imports are placed into import/tangobos as a sibling of import/tango, a .lib library is placed into the usual spot, and sc.ini is replaced with a pre-configured version. Please let us know about any adjustments you'd like, over at the Tango forums or the irc channels.

The Tangobos Win32 release is available with the other Tango release files.

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