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XML Foundation

Posted: 12/19/07 14:46:25

Perhaps the best way to introduce XML into the Tango concept is to start considering how to make the foundation of an XML framework. Perhaps it would by wise to look at the different aspects concering XML parsing.

First there is the input, which can be a Text XML file or an EXI (or similar) file. These files may or may not contain a document type or a schema in some sort, however, these are semantic analyses not, syntactic analyses. So the first thing that appears in mind is to make a syntactic reader which is able to quickly digest an XML file (or EXI file). On each logical hit, it should send a notification to the upper layer (for example something which makes a tree and performs some semantic analyses, which can be done in many ways imaginable).

So the first stage only checks on syntactic validity, not on semantics. Perhaps people could start out from this.

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