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unrecognized switch '-debuglib...

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Posted: 12/17/07 22:28:46

I just installed the windows binary version of tango and have DMD 1.023, but when I try to compile with rebuild I get this error:

Error: unrecognized switch '-debuglib=tango-base-dmd.lib'

Actually, I suspect this might be a rebuild problem, but I can't find anything that confirms/denies or at all mentions it.

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Posted: 12/17/07 22:44:31

It is indeed a rebuild problem. There are a couple of solutions until a new release of dsss/rebuild is made.

  • Edit the rebuild config files to use this switch in the tango profile (thus it is directly passed to dmd) - recommended, at least in my opinion
  • Add -K (I think) in front of the switch itself before it is passed to rebuild

Posted: 12/24/07 20:17:09

I'm having the same problem, which is an issue because it prevents me from compiling my project. Can you please provide more detail on how to properly edit the rebuild config file?

Also, is DSSS the best build tool? How about Scons or others? It doesn't look like DSSS has been updated since August....

Posted: 12/25/07 17:00:18

There aren't any better build tools as far as I know. For DSSS/Rebuild, recently released version 0.74 should fix the -defaultlib issues such that changes in the profiles no longer are necessary.