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FTP Folder and how come it isn't here yet

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Posted: 12/08/07 14:34:11 Modified: 12/08/07 19:46:26

Hello, First I would like to let everyone know I should have had this done a while ago. Ok, to the main part :); I have only 2 classes left to implement in FTP folder and it will have basic vfs functionality excluding the flattening of a ftp folder unless I find a way to do it very easily. The reason it has been delayed so long is I've had a lot of work lately. I work at a library after school. School takes most of my time and in the morning( I wake up at 3:00 and get on the bus at 6:00 AM) I'm too sleepy to do anything without seriously waking myself up. I work on 3 websites with one of them being a demanding customer. I must check a lot of news and mail before I even get to the programming part. Then when it's time to program I'm left with maybe 15 minutes and I never start on something I won't finish in the same sitting because then when I lose my thought I mess stuff up. I'm still working on it though :)

I will try to get it done real quickly.

Lester L. Martin II ps:news is a lot of what I look at

Lester L. Martin II

Author Message

Posted: 12/08/07 20:21:42

No worries! There's no rush, really :)

Posted: 12/08/07 20:30:28 -- Modified: 12/08/07 20:37:25 by

no no no your supposed to tell me hurry your _ up and get done with it so we can release the next version of tango; you're holding the entire community up ;-)

Just joking thanks for giving me expansive time. I have wanted to work on it for the longest though because its getting to the easy part now( I Hope :-) )

Lester L. Martin II