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some questions

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Posted: 02/13/07 19:31:49

Hey I am trying to get back into D after a break, and Im looking at converting some code to Tango. Are there simple equivalents for format() and writefln()? It appears I have to use a string class to use string methods, is this true?


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Posted: 02/13/07 20:07:47

Heya Agent :)

No, you don't have to use the String class.

For some preliminary docs on format and output, see ChapterConversions and the Format section, or the formatter tutorial.

The reference chapter isn't fully completed/updated, and we're looking into simplifying at least a couple of the calls. Already added in trunk/ is that {} in a format string equals %s in writef (that is, no index is needed if you don't want to use them).

You're welcome back in #d.tango if you feel like it :)