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tango phobos switching script

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Posted: 11/23/07 12:06:58 Modified: 11/23/07 12:56:24


I just made a little bash script for switching between tango and phobos (for dmd + posix). It's only really a convenience script since it relies on only having to swap between two dmd.conf files.

This is just for whoever may find it useful; there's a short hint at how to achieve such a setup at the beginning of the script. Basically install tango as per the instructions, but use a separate import directory for phobos and tango and a third for common contents, and make sure both libraries are in your lib folder.

Can't see a way of attaching a file here so I'll link to my my website:

EDIT: Made a few improvements. If you use a build tool like dsss, make sure it recognises the common import dir as "the" import dir, otherwise it will try to use one of the others even when you don't want it.

Author Message

Posted: 11/23/07 12:36:34

Have you looked at this page? You could add your method there if it isn't already covered.

Posted: 11/23/07 13:01:45

OK, my method's similar with a slightly longer script (although no real need).

My method doesn't involve multiple installs of the compiler or environment variables or anything particularly inconvenient. Should have looked for that page I guess, think I read it ages ago.

Posted: 11/23/07 13:32:34

Edited method 4 to make it clearer; with both scripts. Also a third import directory for common imports, e.g. Derelict.