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utf.d:49 Error: identifier 'Error' is not defined

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Posted: 11/01/07 00:34:38

After a fresh install of gdc 0.24 and tango-0.99.2 with dsss, I am able to compile my library with dsss build. However, when I try to run the unittest with dsss build --test, I get:

Testing DG-simulator + /tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/bin/rebuild -Idsss_imports/ -I. -S./ -I/tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/include/d -S/tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/lib/ -I/tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/include/d -S/tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/lib -I/home/martin/d/include/d -S/home/martin/d/lib -oqdsss_objs/G -unittest -full simulator/queue.d simulator/event.d simulator/simulator.d simulator/linkedfiber.d /tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/share/dsss/dsss_lib_test.d -oftest_DG-simulator /tools/SRC/dsss-0.73-gdc-gnuWlinux-x86/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/../../../../include/d/4.1.2/std/utf.d:49: Error: identifier 'Error' is not defined ...

Is this a dsss, a tango or a gdc problem? I followed Gregor's movies for the installation. Thanks.

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Posted: 11/01/07 01:04:22

You need to set your rebuild profile to [compiler]-[platform]-tango, in .../etc/rebuild/default. It's probably set to [compiler]-[platform] right now.

Posted: 11/01/07 02:02:31

Yes. It works! Thanks!