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Do I need a time machine?

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Posted: 10/11/07 00:20:00

The download tar/zip page says you need DMD v1.018 for Tango 0.99.2. The lib directory talks about workarounds for DMD 1.021. I can't find it now, but I could swear there was a subversion page for 0.99.6 that said you need DMD v1.018.

But the Digital Mars web site has 1.015 as "the latest version" for Win32.

Now, supposing I want cutting edge bug fixes and features. Where do I get these futuristic 1.021 or even 1.018 versions of DMD? And why does the stable download only have 1.012?

I'm trying to stay away from GNU since my experience compiling the-language-machine on 2.4.5 was internal compiler errors I can't get rid of.

But maybe I need do be downloading GNU source and building that? Where is trunk/0.25? Does it have a working MingW32 release?

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Posted: 10/11/07 00:21:00

I meant to type 3.4.5 as my GNU D version.

Posted: 10/11/07 02:52:02

Ok, google found links to DMD 1.018 for me (in someone's blog) and I changed the url and downloaded 1.022.

So that's one question answered. So that leaves three questions:

1. Why is Digital Mars releasing all of these D versions without changing the links on their web pages? The web page is what, 7 minor versions behind!! Who do they expect to use these versions if they don't link to them? Are these versions stable? Better than the old ones?

2. I would like to be using newer versions of Tango, since I see important bug fixes and new features in mentioned. Not sure which versions have them, but I would like Fibers that don't leak, and a Variant/Box type. My question is, how reliable are the bleeding edge versions, and why do you, like Mars, update minor versions over and over without a public release?

3. What's up with Mingw32/GNU? Using 3.4.5 I'm getting compiler crashes. I don't want to building compilers, that takes too long. Is GNU usable on windows?

Posted: 10/11/07 07:56:51

I am really sorry, but you must be somewhat confused ...

Tango never releases without a proper announcement in the newsgroup. I see now that I've been less than good at updating the News forum here.

The 1.015 at the Digital Mars site is a result of newer versions sometimes having errors breaking your code, so the download is known to be "stable". The latest DMD you get from the link at the top of the ChangeLog? entry.

FWIW, Tango downloads comes with the latest DMD we think is stable, DMD 1.021 for the latest Tango release, although 1.022 should work well. To our knowledge, anything prior to 1.018 won't work with the latest Tango.

So, to summarize;

  • Latest DMD is 1.022
  • Latest Tango is 0.99.2 and comes with DMD 1.021 but works with 1.018 and 1.022 too
  • Latest GDC is 0.24, but it is bad, so you would need to compile your own from their trunk, or wait for release of 0.25.
  • Reliability of Tango is increasing with new versions, except for new features which may need additional time to mature (though they're usually well tested before inclusion).

Posted: 10/11/07 08:45:03

Thank you.

And yes, I did get a bit confused about version numbers. At first I just noticed a discrepancy and assumed that when DM says "this is the latest version" they meant "this is the latest version". Hell, their web site defaults to telling you about D 2.0 in the documentation link, but the only way to get at 2.0 compiler is from the "change log" page. How much sense does that make?

And unfortunately my gdc reports its version as "gcc version 3.4.5 (mingw special) (gdc 0.24, using dmd 1.020)" Which probably explains the crashing.

Speaking of versions, I'm not planning on using 2.0 right away, but I am curious why there's no page on DM site that summarizes the differences between 1.0 and 2.0.

Posted: 10/11/07 09:11:37

JoshScholar wrote:

Speaking of versions, I'm not planning on using 2.0 right away, but I am curious why there's no page on DM site that summarizes the differences between 1.0 and 2.0.

So are we. Note that Tango isn't in any way affiliated with Digital Mars beyond our license to redistribute DMD.