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Download links not working?

Moderators: kris

Posted: 10/09/07 21:43:51

The bash install scripts for Linux appear not to be available; their links are giving me 404s, while I am able to download the tarballs for Linux.

It's my fault, isn't it.

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Posted: 10/09/07 22:41:35

Probably. :P

Which download links? I checked out a few and don't see any broken.

Posted: 10/10/07 01:11:02 -- Modified: 10/10/07 01:11:30 by

Under 'Linux', the installer links:

These are giving 404s.

And the 'it's my fault' part was intended to be my sig, but on these forums, the sig appears to be part of the message body.

It's my fault, isn't it.

Posted: 10/10/07 03:39:27

Can you create a ticket, please, and assign to larsivi?


Posted: 10/10/07 08:01:11

No need to create a ticket - links fixed :) Sorry about that, seems like the naming format was accidentially changed since the previous release.

Posted: 10/12/07 21:51:47 -- Modified: 10/12/07 21:53:20 by

Sorry to bother, but to me all links are giving a 404. Including the ones dhaseman posted here.

Posted: 10/13/07 16:34:32

They work for me. (?)