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Replacement for std.uni.isUniAlpha()

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Posted: 09/21/07 16:14:54

I'm sorry to bother everyone here but this is the first time I really tried Tango for anything more complicated than a hello world app and I'm still trying to find my way around the library.

I'm porting an utility I wrote using Phobos (with Tangobos help) and I'm slowly removing all Phobos functionality. That's the reason of all this "Replacement for.." posts.

Now, I'm looking for a way to tell apart Unicode characters. In Phobos I was using isUniAlpha() and friends. What can I use in Tango for that. The only thing I found was tango.stdc.wctype.


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Posted: 09/21/07 19:26:19

Those functions were made available for Tango, but I can't recall which project ... Tango doesn't actually have them because we felt a more cohesive overall design was really needed, but haven't found the time yet. Coincidentally, one of the guys on the IRC channel has recently written unicode case-mapping algorithms as a core part of this package, so I think we're getting there :)

In the meantime, there's always the ICU wrappers over in the Mango project? Granted, you'll have to install the ICU library also, but there's a vast wealth of power within. If I recall where those phobos equivalents landed, I'll let you know. Anyone else remember?

Posted: 09/21/07 19:53:50

tango.unicode project here at dsource? Or was they included in Tango.Scrapple?

Posted: 09/22/07 02:44:17

Ok. I'll write my own for now.


Posted: 09/27/07 16:01:06

there's a new Unicode package becoming available very shortly (perhaps this weekend) supporting Unicode toUpper/toLower and a variety of isXXXX functions