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Posted: 09/10/07 23:16:14

Hi all,

Well I've been poking around D a fair amount recently and I've discovered it contains most of the things I want to persuade me to switch to using D in my own projects.

Except a version of boost::spirit. (If you haven't heard of spirit checkout:, it's bloody great)

Seeing as tango is to D what boost is to c++ this seems like the appropriate place to ask to see if anybody else has any thoughts (or better yet nearly ready to be released implementations they've been keeping under wraps ;) ) on the subject or can me point me in the direction of other D parser libraries.

It would be nice to see a D port of spirit, but spirit is one of the largest single boost libraries and looks like a hell of a lot of work even if you assume a lot of spirit is due the usual C++ template meta programming overhead.

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Posted: 09/11/07 01:14:48

There are a couple of Parser generators for D already? Jascha has one, which he announces over on the D newsgroup. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?

Posted: 01/03/08 23:27:54

FWIW, Enki is Eric Anderton's (Pragma) work.