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Ohloh entry

Posted: 09/05/07 10:29:45

Ohloh is a social networking site for developers, and can load your repositories for stats on both the project and it's developers.

If you are registered, you can go to the Tango project page and put it in your stack, to give Tango a higher rank. If you have made commits to Tango, you can also hook those up with your profile.

There is also a forum thread to petition for better D support on Ohloh, such that D sources will be recognized in their stats, please consider voicing your support.

Please consider to register, if you've not done so already.

Author Message

Posted: 09/06/07 04:23:20


What was the second "social-net" thing you hooked up?

Posted: 09/06/07 07:34:04

That is the CIA, which really is more of a real time stats and notification framework (the one that puts commit messages into #d.tango for instance), not a social networking site per se.

Posted: 02/13/08 15:48:56

Just a note that support for D was added a while ago, and D is doing quite well compared to other well known languages like Ada and Erlang.

Posted: 02/13/08 15:56:17

Scratch that, someone has been adding Ada entries lately :)